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Sometimes it is hard to think about death. Sometimes we question it. Why would God impose death as a consequence of sin? But the question it turns into is: How could God impose death? And we ask this rhetorical question as if we have the wisdom that there is a better consequence that we could think of. But that’s our pride. We really don’t want that consequence. We don’t want any consequences. We want free reign for what we want to do and be accountable to no one. And that’s the circle of our hearts returning to the exact heart that God was confronting in Adam and Eve eating of the fruit. But our heart response should be humility. What do you see in your heart for the consequences for your sin? Do you humbly submit to the wisdom of God and accept the consequence and turn from your sin?  

On a different note, we don’t get an exact reason why death is the consequence. Maybe because God is the God of life? Maybe because that’s God’s definition of extreme separation? I think it could tie into Pastor Danny’s definition of blessing/favor. God blessed and favored Adam and Eve to bear fruit and have children, to multiply. Pastor Danny’s definition of blessing/favor was “doing the thing it was meant to do.” In marriage, procreation happens as God’s favor/blessing, allowing the natural/normal thing to happen: bearing children. The most normal thing for humans on the most basic level is to live, to have life, and to bear the image of God in creation. And God’s blessing/favor being taken away is being taken away in death. But the good news is that in the Gospel, Jesus Christ purchases new life and us being able to image Him more perfectly in sanctification every day and fully someday in our resurrected body. But as God’s Word doesn’t fully reveal this to us, we can be satisfied that He doesn’t. We can leave that reasoning to His perfect and good counsel.