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"Come, behold the works of the LORD,"

~ Psalm 46:8a


This psalm probably includes many familiar verses and phrases that you have either heard from others, seen on home décor, posters and memes, or that you have quoted yourself.  But perhaps, you did not know specifically where there came from in the Bible.  I trust you will pick them out as you read.  Make it a point to memorize them accurately along with the verse reference.

I want to make a special note of the opening phrase of verse 2.  I understand that we are well past New Year’s Eve, but I want you to consider making a resolution.  By resolution I mean a preparedness of heart and mind according to truth.  The sons of Korah here state their resolution that should be ours as well…they say, “Therefore we will not fear”.  This is both a conclusion and a resolution; and one that requires active intentionality.

There is much that could and has caused us to fear, and there is much that the world around us constantly fears.  You may well be tempted to adopt these same fears.  But we know God…we know that he is our refuge and strength…that he is a very present help in trouble…that he is with us.  We must resolve to not fear amid our circumstances.  In advance of what occurs in your life, you must actively, intentionally resolve that you will not fear.  This is not because you are so great and so strong and so determined, but because your God is so great and so strong and so immoveable.

I invite you to behold the works of the LORD.  He will be exalted among the nations, in all the earth, forever and ever.  What need have you to fear if you are found in him through Jesus Christ?